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Facade Grant

Facade Grant 2019

Terrace Downtown Improvement Area (TDIA) 
Façade Improvement Program 2019


The physical environment in which we live and work has a great effect on us. A community that is more appealing to the eye gives its citizens a greater sense of place and welcomes customers and visitors. The quality and character of the building facades on the main streets in the downtown area of any community is a powerful accelerant for economic development.

This program was made possible with the financial support of Northern Development Initiative Trust. The City of Terrace and the Terrace Downtown Improvement Area (TDIA ) are proud to offer this program to improve the character and physical appearance to retail and commercial buildings in the Terrace Downtown Improvement Area and to support the Downtown Revitalization efforts currently underway. The program guidelines are intended to set the eligibility and quality standards for the types of improvements that will be reviewed by the program staff.


The Terrace Downtown Improvement Area Facade Improvement Program will match dollar per dollar, a reimbursement grant up to a maximum of $5,000 per building/project to improve the facades of downtown buildings. The building must be located in the Terrace Downtown Improvement Area. Each building within the Improvement Area is eligible for the façade grant and once a building has been approved and the improvements completed, the building will not be eligible for future façade grants under this program. Projects must have a minimum total cost of $2,000 in order to qualify for the program.

General Guidelines

The Terrace Downtown Improvement Area Facade Improvement Program is primarily focused on the physical appearance of the buildings within the Terrace Downtown Improvement Area and their relationship to the street. The character and design of the building along with the businesses contained within attract shoppers both for goods and services that they provide, and for the experience of walking around an interesting and lively urban space.

  • Only retail and commercial

  • businesses having a current

  • Proponents are highly encouraged to follow the City of Terrace, Downtown Design Guidelines and best practices brochure. Proponents are also encouraged to align their developments with Smart Growth on the Ground principles found at www.smartgrowth.bc.ca. Grants will be awarded considering the merit of design and impact on the streetscape as determined by the Project Review Committee. 

Clink the links below to download the Facade Grant Policy PDF and the Facade Gran Application