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Safe needle disposal

The TDIA has partnered with the City of Terrace, Northern Health, Ksan Society, TDCSS, and Kermode Friendship to address concerns about unsafe needle disposal in the community. These organizations have worked together to create a "Clean Team" to address this issue. The Clean Team is being funded in part by grants, and partly by Kermode Friendship Society.

This partnership has four initiatives:

  • Five needle drop boxes have been installed throughout the community.  

  • A Clean Team has been created and is being administered by the TDCSS. The Clean Team patrols Terrace and cleans and disposes of garbage and needles. This team is currently funded for 4 to 8 hours per week till the end of September of 2019. 

  • A survey was conducted of business, the community and IV drug users was conducted in March of 2019. The data collected created a baseline for understanding of harm reduction. A second survey will be conducted in late September to help determine the effectiveness of the program and help inform future initiatives. 

  • A safe needle disposal guide was created, printed, and distributed. The guide can been found in the document tab of this website.