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Security Grant

Safetyand Security Grant

Terrace Downtown Improvement Area 
Safety and Security Grant Policy 2019

Program Overview

The Terrace Downtown Improvement Association (TDIA) has established a Safety and Security Grant Program to support commercial property owners and business tenants, within the Business Improvement Area (BIA) of Terrace Downtown who wish to make improvements to their property, or to improve the safety and security of the businesses and customers.

The Safety and Security Grant Program is intended to:

• Improve the safety and security of business environments 
• Deter vandals 
• Decrease crime 
• Reduce graffiti 
• Assist police in apprehending the perpetrators of crime

How Does It Work?

Successful program applicants will receive a reimbursement of up to $500.00 per approved site, contingent upon matching dollars from the applicant, towards the cost of eligible security camera or lighting expenses. 

Funding will be provided after the successful completion of the equipment installation and approval of all receipts for services and equipment.

The Safety and Security Grant Program proposals will be:

• Reviewed on a case-by-case basis 
• Subject to approval by the Terrace Downtown Improvement Association 
• Subject to a legal agreement between the building owner and the TDIA 
• Subject to the availability of existing funding 
• Subject to implementation of the project having maximum impact in the BIA 
• Successful applicants will be issued a cheque upon completion and final inspection by the TDIA

Who is Eligible?

Commercial building that are located in the designated Business Improvement Area (BIA) of Terrace Downtown. 
To determine if your building qualifies, please contact the Terrace Downtown Improvement Association.

Eligible Improvements

• Security Cameras 
• Security Lighting

What are the Program Guidelines?

• All applicants must complete an application to be considered 
• The property must be located within the boundaries of the BIA to be eligible 
• An owner or tenant with multiple buildings/storefronts can apply for more than one grant, but must complete a separate application for each 
• Building owners or tenants are eligible. 
• If a tenant applies, written proof that the building owner has authorized the proposed improvements must be provided 
• Properties must meet basic public safety and construction codes 
• Work is to be carried out according to standard construction and safety practices 
• Proposed security system/lighting installations must comply with all applicable building and zoning codes 
• All required permits must be obtained prior to the start of any construction

Application Process:

Each applicant who applies will be subject to the following process:

• The Application Deadline is May 15, 2019 
• Applicant must file a completed application form with the TDIA 
• The TDIA will meet with the applicant 
• After an application has been received and a meeting with the applicant completed, the TDIA will review the merits of the application 
• After approval of the application, successful applicants have six months to complete all work 
• The applicant must agree to a final inspection by the TDIA to ensure that the project has been completed according to the approved plan 
• After inspection and approval by the TDIA, the applicant will be reimbursed on approved safety and security improvements at a rate of 50% to a maximum of $500.00 
• Applicants must agree to be featured in the media and possibly be interviewed, photographed or videotaped for promotional purposes

Fill out and email to terracetdia@gmail.com

Clink the links below to download the Grant Policy PDF and the Grant Applicaiton PDF