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We aim to create a vibrant, safe and accessible downtown core that is welcoming to both community members and visitors alike. 

The Terrace Downtown Improvement Area (TDIA) Society is a non-profit organization run by a volunteer board of directors that represents property and business owners in the downtown Business Improvement Area.

It is our goal to foster Downtown Terrace as the heart and soul of our community through advocacy, facilitation of grants, public art, marketing opportunities and the revitalization of our downtown core.



The TDIA is proud to support a number of different art initiatives in the downtown core. From promoting public art installations, to our banner program to offering facade grants for exterior upgrades to your building, the TDIA continuously works toward making our downtown core a more appealing place to be.


The TDIA offers ongoing grants to help create a vibrant community. Grants are available to improve the safety of your business, upgrade the facade of your business or even contribute to the costs of marketing initiatives in collaboration with other businesses. 



The TDIA engages in a variety of community projects. Our major project for the coming three years focuses on Downtown Revitalization including efforts to update the 4600 Block of Lakelse Ave.


Stay in touch with the Terrace Downtown Improvement Area Society

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