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Shop local in Terrace, BC

Sure, big stores and online shopping are around, but supporting the little shops here makes a real difference.

Supporting the Shop Local Campaign not only fuels the success of local businesses but also strengthens the fabric of our community. When you shop locally, you contribute directly to the vibrancy of our downtown, fostering economic growth and creating jobs. Your support helps local entrepreneurs pursue their dreams, and the unique products and services they offer add character to our community.


Additionally, by choosing to shop locally, you reduce environmental impact by minimizing transportation and supporting sustainable business practices. Ultimately, supporting this campaign is a powerful way to make a positive impact, creating a stronger, more resilient community for everyone.


Local shop spotlight: Unbound Gear & Apparel


Take a Closer Look

Terrace's downtown area is a treasure trove of independent boutiques, charming shops, and artisan studios, each contributing to the city's distinctive character. Stroll through the welcoming streets and experience the warmth of a community that takes pride in its local enterprises.

Terrace Chamber of Commerce Directory

When you choose to shop locally in downtown Terrace, you're not just making a purchase; you're investing in the heart of the community. The Terrace Chamber of Commerce Directory is your key to unlocking the diverse array of businesses that line the streets of downtown. This comprehensive directory provides a curated guide to the local shops, allowing you to explore and connect with the passionate entrepreneurs who make downtown Terrace a vibrant and dynamic destination. 

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