Located in the heart of the Northwest, Terrace Downtown Improvement Area strives to provide a vibrant, safe, accessible downtown core where residents and visitors will experience a pleasant, attractive place to shop, to work, and live.

It is our goal to foster Downtown Terrace as the heart and soul of our community; culturally diverse; rich in heritage and natural beauty; economically prosperous; a friendly and exciting place to be.

The TDIA was created by a City of Terrace bylaw, which was renewed in 2017.  We are funded by a Tax Levy to property owners in the TDIA area. 


As a registered non profit organization, we operate under a Constitution and our Society Bylaws. 


Board Members

Connie Yasinchuk, Vice President
Lael McKeown, Treasurer
Bert Husband, Secretary
Liz Smaha, President
Gary Jackson, Director
Polly Rudderham, Director
Alex Pietralla, Associate Director
Craig Dunfield, Director
Michael Hogg, Director

Dave Gordon, City Liaison/Director