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Revitalization of 4600 Block of Lakelse Ave.

Our major project for the coming three years focuses on Downtown Revitalization with efforts to update the 4600 Block of Lakelse Ave.

The TDIA has engaged Urban Systems, an interdisciplinary community design firm to start  working on future planning for downtown revitalization, in particular, the 4600 Block of Lakelse Ave. 


The project has been divided into three phases:


Phase 1:

The Terrace Downtown Improvement Area (TDIA) Society had Phase 1 of a Preliminary Conceptual Streetscape Plan and Revitalization Strategy (Harry Measure Associates found at the bottom of this page )

Phase 2:

Initiated by TDIA to develop a Downtown Revitalization plan that includes detailed design that considers infrastructure replacement and costs. Urban Systems has been engaged for this phase.

Phase 3:

To be led by the City of Terrace for implementation.


The first step toward the revitalization of the 4600 Block is the removal of the canopy which is scheduled to happen in the spring of 2023. Urban Systems presented at our Oct. 15th AGM and gave a good overview of the project, available below.


Watch our Facebook page for more information as the project moves along and we'll make sure to include project updates in our newsletter and on our web site.


The TDIA is working closely with the City of Terrace, Urban Systems and the property and business owners on this exciting project.

Phase 1

Preliminary Conceptual Streetscape Plan

To learn more about the driving factors for revitalizing the 4600 Block of Lakelse Avenue, download the Preliminary Conceptual Streetscape Plan and Revitalization Strategy report prepared for the TDIA by Harry Measure + Associates, Whistler, BC.  

Cityscape development event

TDIA hosted this event on April 5, 2023, and invited business owners, property owners, government officials, and local non-profit groups to meet project stakeholders, participate in dynamic brainstorming sessions, and provide feedback on the site analysis and opportunities of the 4600 block of Lakelse Ave.

Urban Systems facilitated the event that was attended by over 60 of TDIA's members and has created the next document in this phase, the Engagement Summary of that event. Click the button below to review.

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